Premarital Therapy

Premarital Counseling

Most couples spend more time planning their weddings than their marriages! With divorce rates at an all-time high, it seems that couples are facing more challenges than ever in preserving their relationship stability. If you think about the amount of financial and emotional investment that goes into preparing for the wedding itself, doesn’t it make sense to invest a little in strengthening the relationship at the onset? Many couples preparing for marriage honestly believe they are strong going into the union – and they are in a lot of ways. Being caught up with all the loving feelings and other feel-good stuff going on ahead of nuptials, couples often don’t consider the potential pitfalls. Those “pitfalls” are often times what leads them into a therapist’s office some time down the line.

Pre-marriage counseling doesn’t need to be a long process, especially if you feel you’re starting out with a very solid foundation and only need some clarifications and goal-setting. I strongly encourage couples to give their marriages the best possible start – to do all they can ahead of time to avoid marriage counseling later! The return on your marriage investment has the potential to be lifelong!